Martin Wedderburn

Martin’s work is all about capturing great performance and evoking emotional responses from his audience. His continued work for the infamous Scottish soft drinks brand Irn-Bru notched up nearly four million views on You Tube. Martin is just as happy working with major stars as he is working with young unknown actors and fairly recently returned from filming a spot for bet 365 featuring film stars Ray Winston and Samuel L. Jackson.

Born in Newcastle, Martin now resides in Brighton. He is well known for his incredibly relaxed yet pragmatic direction. His approach to filming ensures that each project is entered into methodically and with great enthusiasm.

His wry sense of humour and slightly left field view of life gives him a style that sees his work run from comedy to elegantly crafted special effects films for brands such as Lyons, Bulmer’s, Coors Light, Toyota, bet365, Tennent’s and Irn-Bru.