Director Harry George Hall + NSPCC

Trigger Warning: Child abuse.

Launching is the latest work from Harry George Hall for the NSPCC. A series of three films focusing on two stories from a different perspective of the NSPCC, focusing on the dedicated workers behind the scenes protecting the lives of children.

Introducing Hannah’s story.

An inspiring and emotional rollercoaster bringing to life the essential work of the NSPCC and the truly amazing people on the end of the phone. Click here to see more of Harry’s work.

Producer: Rich Carter Hounslow
Production Manager: Louise Jackson
Production Manager MCR: Natasha Moane
Line Producer: Greg Magloire
DOP’s: Chris O’driscoll & Chris Dodds
Gaffer: Greg Grzegorz Krzeszowiec
Editor: Ben Griffin
Grade: Ollie Gill
Sound Recordist: Paul Lord
HMU: Lauren Griffin
Casting Director: Thomas Adams