Fredgy Noël x Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Federation of America worked with our Director Fredgy Noël to create an honest and provocative film that shifts the narrative around abortion by celebrating and centering the diverse stories of people who have had them. Interviewing 25 storytellers, Planned Parenthood’s film opens minds and creates pathways to understanding, compassion and empathy for people’s journeys. The brave storytelling of the women, trans and nonbinary people featured not only shows that there is no shame in having an abortion,  but also helps encourage others to both share their stories and gain strength from the stories they cannot tell.

Fredgy’s direction and lens helps Planned Parenthood to poignantly reframe the abortion conversation by delivering life-affirming stories of triumph and personal pride. By empowering people to unapologetically tell their truth, this film gives viewers a glimpse into the love and self determination of abortion storytellers who share their personal accounts.

Known for her powerful feminist voice and the humanity that grounds her work, Fredgy’s direction helps Planned Parenthood to remove the cloak of silence and shame  around abortion by showcasing a range of candid conversations that transcend politics.   To see Fredgy’s work click here.

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Client: Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Agency: Subjective Inventory

Director: Fredgy Noël

Producer: Rozzlynn Therrien

DP: Michael Wilson

Editor: Esther Chan