Skillfully merging humour, football and intimate areas our latest 360 shoot of film and stills to launch Dove Men’s Whole Body Deodorant Spray, topped off with the help of iconic Emmy winning, Simpson’s featuring, commentator Andrés (GOAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL) Cantor.

Fresh Studio, our full service division created the script with Director/Photographer/Writer Harry George Hall and our Producer Richard Carter Hounslow.  Being an unashamed fan of wordplay Harry seized the opportunity to grab the brief by the balls and blend Cantor’s legendary effusive sports commentary juxtaposed with intimate deodorant application, and Dove fully embraced Harry’s cheeky, “He’s just outside the area,” lines. 

Harry commented on the film:

‘It was important to the client that the film was set up as a Copa America partnership so we landed this using actual Copa America gameplay seen on the TV in the opening shot. After a really successful shoot, another highlight was being in the VO booth with Andrés in Miami listening to him say “goaaaalllll”.   It’s amazing how he can fine tune it too. I love collaborating with people who are experts in their field and Andrés is no exception.’

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