Ivo Wejgaard

Born in 1969, Ivo started his creative journey young, writing and drawing comic books, progressing in his teens onto both photography and film-making.

From 1991 to 1995 Ivo worked in post production. During this time he quickly gained a reputation as one of Europe’s leading Henry artists. However the pull of film-making and photography led to him becoming a full-time commercials director and fashion photographer from 1995, a visually unique journey that he continues today.
Ivo Brings an authentic, sensuous and atmospheric style to his work and an empathy with his cast that always shows on screen. There’s a growing list of actresses, actors and models worldwide that Ivo has collaborated with.

Ivo speaks English, French and German and has worked with the following brands;

Davidoff,Betty Barclay, L’oreal, New Yorker fragrance, Secrets, Palmers, Oriflame, Nivia, Triumph, Lancome, Mexx, Thierry-Mugler, Vivien Westwood, Lux, Wella, Comfort and many more.