Personalities with real stories.

Real People Casting is the award-winning casting arm of Fresh Film specialising in discovering engaging personalities with real stories, who make memorable campaigns.

Established in 2009 and based in the UK, we boast a vast and ever-expanding global network of casting teams.

Our network spans Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive reach in the world of casting, connecting talents across continents.

Each brief needs its own curated approach.  Whether it is TV or Print commercials, social media content,  user generated footage, moving and still image management, market research or product trials, we have the talent and tools for success. With highly motivated street recruiters, story researchers and social media scouts across the globe and access to networks of real people through our partners worldwide.

We work closely with production companies, advertising agencies and brands across the globe, and would love to chat through your casting needs, from single projects or managing your global and multi-country casting requirements.