We are all very aware of the current issues surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and saving our world. And we’re also aware life has to go on in some form. So, just want to help in a small way by reassuring you that at Fresh Film we are still here for you, in whatever way we can be.

We have global production offices in Singapore and Bangkok and work in multiple countries across Asia as well as London, NY & Prague which we can take advantage of as things shift and change globally. Currently it is possible to shoot on a small scale in China and Hong Kong.

We have a global roster of directors, photographers, freelance directors who are all used to working remotely – and some who have film studios at home, and we work regularly with remote editors & post production companies.

We work a lot with UGC created films which is now a very viable way to make new films in lockdown. We have an experienced team from our sister casting company Real People Casting to documentary directors to editors.

Being global we have lots of experience using Live Stream and Q Take on our shoots to facilitate¬†clients enabling their remote attendance and it’s worked really well.

Our team are already set up working remotely around the globe from their homes to airstreams moving around California, covering all stages of projects from idea creation to remote casting to re-editing existing materials to scoping shoots.

As ever you can contact any of our team for advice or to discuss the needs of your project, or just for a chat to keep connected! This isn’t just about work we’re all in this together. One of our producers Simon has taken a sabbatical to become a blood donor and we are beyond proud of him.

Wherever you are at in the world and whatever you are doing, we wish you and your loved ones a healthy time ahead.