Lina Plioplyte has been spending her lockdown documenting the mission of bodies like the World Central Kitchen. To help spread the word on the work they are doing to help the most vulnerable hit by the Covid-19 pandemic in LA.

Here are a selected few stills from her filming and her thoughts:

“What I am seeing around me is every day, tens of thousands of people in LA only are being fed by volunteers from Food Banks, Unified LA school district, US Army, World Central Kitchen and other organizations showing up in times of need. Engineers are inventing make-at-home masks. Burners are donating their PPE gear to hospitals. These are the times to show up, show up creatively, show up how you can.”

“The World Kitchen show up to feed whoever is hungry in whatever the disaster maybe. This one is granted, a bit different than a hurricane or an earthquake…yet they figure it out how to safely show up for front line workers, hospitals, refugees, hungry people hit by the epidemic and the recession in all five boroughs of New York. Without the huts this time, but with a nutritious plate of hot food.”

Those in the USA can donate to the World Central Kitchen here. And in the UK we have amazing bodies like Meals for the NHS to donate to and support them delivering hot meals for NHS workers as they work through the night.