Harry George Hall + Degree

Harry George Hall directs ‘Tested to the Limit’ the latest in a series of commercials for Sure/Degree deodorant in the UK/USA.

For the first in the series, the brand continues their inclusive marketing campaign with Harry’s dynamic direction capturing the intensity and beauty of a wheelchair basketball game.

“I wanted to work closely with Joel, the basketball player, to understand the genuine energy and intensity of the game. The product is all about enabling movement, so I wanted to capture this authentically. I love working with athletes who can bring their own experience and expertise to a collaboration.’ said Harry.

Harry and DoP Tony C Miller, wanted to achieve a number of perspectives to showcase the pace and intensity of the session.  Attaching a rig to Joel, and using a remote controlled car, enabled them to create powerful shots zipping beneath the wheelchairs.

To maximise the collaboration, Harry created space for the athletes to freeplay –  leading to some of the most memorable shots of the campaign.