Dionne Loftus for Goldfinger

Dionne Loftus continues her relationship with Goldfinger to create a new film promoting their environmental philosophy, craftsmanship and care that go into each piece of furniture. Highlighted with Dionne’s sensitive camerawork and beautiful playfulness with light.

Goldfinger is a social enterprise that create sustainable furniture and objects

Goldfinger crafts quality bespoke furniture and homewares from reclaimed and sustainable materials. We are an award-winning social enterprise working for the good of people and the planet. Our team’s craftsmanship is proudly on display at some of the UK’s leading names: John Lewis, Gail’s Bakery, Tom Dixon, Whistles, Leon and Inhabit Hotels. Our excellent artisans and apprentices also design and craft for private residents and in collaboration with celebrated interior designers and architects.

Positive social impact 

Every penny of profit supports our charitable programmes for marginalised individuals from our community through our Goldfinger Academy and People’s Kitchen programmes. We firmly believe in the positive mental health benefits of making and using one’s hands. That’s why Goldfinger Academy also offers community craft courses, workshops and corporate away-days. Goldfinger supports its community through its People’s Kitchen, delivering hot meals and doorstep chats to vulnerable and isolated North Kensington residents.