Emma Miranda Moore + Speech & Language UK

Speech and Language UK collaborated with Fresh Film Director Emma Miranda Moore to create Darcie’s Story, a beautiful and poignant film that takes us through the dignified but heartbreaking moments in the day of a girl with undiagnosed Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

Challenged to educate the world on the subtle and relatively unknown conditions of DLD and create an engaging film, Emma put the audience in the shoes of a child with the disorder and wrote the script from Darcie’s point of view.  Telling us the story of seven year old Darcie who struggles to comprehend her school environment, both inside and outside the classroom. 

The emotional beats in the story, and powerful acting from Emma’s amazing young talent make the often overlooked symptoms of the condition become clear, but also leave the audience with an ending message of hope, through both the storyline and by raising awareness, which could change lives if diagnosed.

Emma’s script combined with sound design and cinematography cleverly reveal the misunderstood complexities of Darcie’s world.  Through DOP Kate Reid’s, cinematic camera work and creative use of Lens Babies (lenses with tiny tubes on the front) they created both a captivating film and the effective dreamlike sequence where Darcie feels like everyone is against her.  

DLD is a brain difference that makes talking and listening difficult.  It affects an astonishing average of 2 children in every classroom.  For more information go to https://speechandlanguage.org.uk/dld

Filmed with love and support of a brilliant team in Stoke Newington, London.