Fredgy Noël + Jergens

The new spot for Jergens from Fredgy Noël celebrates the fact that mum’s really do know best, and she has the proof as the daughters confess the skincare advice handed down to them recorded on camera.

Noël’s powerful female voice always empowers the women at the centre of her films. Here she celebrates the impact mum’s have, and continue to have, on their daughters skincare, no matter how old they are.

A film not just about celebrating the bond of mothers and daughters, but also a twist of tables. Noël had to get the mothers to turn their phone trackers off so their daughters couldn’t track them and discover they were in New York! It also tested Noël’s skills of subterfuge, having to direct the daughters without letting them in on the surprise. In Noël’s words “The payoff was real and beautiful which was what I wanted for the campaign. Lots of joy and humour.”

Noël commented on the film “I related to the women on set who were living their professional dreams and to the mothers watching them on camera. As a mother of a daughter, I could put my feet into the shoes of all these women. It was wonderful to watch their relationships on camera.”