MAX LOWE | Malik

Director Max Lowe launches his new short branded film ‘Malik’ for Yeti. A heart warming story that transcends borders and brings together unlikely friends in the world of mountaineering. ‘Malik’ is not just a climbing adventure, as in the core of all of Max’s work it’s a testament to the strength of human connections and the profound impact that stepping out of one’s comfort zone can have on personal growth. 

Renowned for his previous work on feature documentary ‘Torn’, and for his work with National Geographic, this film follows Max’s father Conrad Anker, one of the most famous mountaineers in the world, and his friend Malik, a novice climber, as they climb in Montana for two weeks. 

 ‘Malik’ is truly a celebration of that within the story of these two unlikely friends, and what they both learned from each-other through the process,’ says Max. ‘Through the process I learned a lot about my own father and how he yields mentorship to those who seek it out, and also a fresh perspective on the world through my now very close friend Malik.’

In a world where individuals often remain in their own lanes, ‘Malik’ celebrates the decision to step out of the ordinary and make time for meaningful connections. The story beautifully unfolds as these two unlikely friends share their experiences, highlighting the power of connection and the lessons learned through the shared pursuit of adventure. To see more of Max’s work click here.