MAX LOWE | Aikyam for Faction Skis

Following on from his Oscar nomination for Camp Courage, Max Lowe’s latest short film is for Faction Skis. ‘Aikyam’  ऐक्यम् which translates as ‘Oneness’ in Sanskrit chronicles adaptive skier Vasu Sojitra’s quest to unravel the depths of his identity and family heritage. The film unfolds as Sojitra embarks on a transformative skiing expedition to his home country of India, marking a significant and personal milestone in his life.

Another visually stunning and emotionally resonant cinematic experience from Max, capturing the spirit of adventure, cultural exploration, and the innate human desire for connection. We follow Vasu, renowned as one of the world’s leading adaptive free skiers and a Faction athlete, as he discovers the vibrant community of local Indians who share his passion for skiing.

The film captures the profound connection that transcends geographical boundaries, illustrating how diverse individuals find solace and purpose in skiing, and how vital access to the outdoors is as a fundamental human right that must be protected.

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