Chris Craymer

Chris Craymer, a native Londoner, is a photographer and director.

With a sharp eye for authenticity, he captures moments that are grounded in reality and infused with spontaneous charm and energy. His work transcends trend, creating images filled with sass approachable sexiness and an all-inclusive notion of love and style.

“My work is all about relationships between my subjects themselves and between me and my subjects. I explore ‘Joy of Life’ emotions: love, friendship, and desire. My pictures and films seek to capture our collective human spirit: unbound curiosity; passionate dedication; how we love each other; and the way we connect with our world.”

On set, Chris’ high-energy personality and positive attitude are infectious and bring everyone to ease. He talks to his subjects, laughs with them and engages them beyond his lens, as evident in the spontaneous feel of his imagery. With an excitement for the digital medium, Chris has easily transitioned into film, directing broadcast commercials and personal projects in his same aspirational style.

He has published three books: the first, entitled, “Romance,” is a glimpse into the romantic lives of real couples found throughout his worldwide travels, his second book, “In London,” is a portrait series of eccentric, engaging, unique, and courageous individuals possessing the true street style that is at the heart of this city. His most recent book “From The Heart“ explores the lives of 12 people who inspire Chris. We look forward to sharing his forthcoming book American Romance which accompanies a series of films that explore modern romance and relationships in the United States today.

He has exhibited his work in London, Paris, New York, and Hong Kong.

Chris captures the dynamic stories of real people, models, celebrities, and global brands.

Honors & Awards

Design and Art Direction (D&AD)
PDN The Look
International Color Awards
Black and White Spider Awards
Association of Photographers awards winner