Peter Hrdlicka

Peter is a highly skilled and technical director based in Prague in the Czech Republic.
He has a fresh and innovative approach to creating outstanding shots. Before establishing his dedicated studio Shotbox, Peter was one of the founding partners of a leading postproduction facility in Prague. He was a highly awarded Senior Flame Artist and SFX Supervisor in post production before embarking on a career directing and lighting Tabletop and Beauty SFX advertising.
During his years working in post production Peter developed a passionate interest in SFX cinematography. His work in the field of digital high-speed cinematography very much revolutionized the international world of tabletop and beauty shooting. However, high-speed photography is only one aspect of Tabletop and Beauty SFX advertising, so Peter set about creating a tabletop and beauty “dream” studio that could supply clients with the ultimate SFX technology and model-making skills under one roof.
Peter was the driving force behind the creation and development of Shotbox Studio, which is today a recognised leader in the art of Tabletop and Beauty SFX advertising.
Peter’s incredible experience and knowledge in all aspects of Tabletop and Beauty SFX shooting, combined with his expertise in post production enable him to comfortably oversee all aspects of any project.