Carl Warner

Carl Warner is both a one-stop shop and creative polymath: an artist, director, DOP, photographer + music composer. He is renowned globally for his Foodscapes.

His works have been compared to that of Giuseppe Arcimboldo the 16th Century painter best known for creating imaginative portraits out of objects such as food.  Working with a highly specialised crew of talented professionals at his company Frooty Films, Carl bring his visions to life in both stills, live action and animation.  Delivering a quality of work that comes from a passion for craft and a keen eye for detail.

Working with international brands across the globe he often creates 360 campaigns shooting stills alongside the TV campaign.

“I am constantly looking to expand and develop my work by bringing people and characters into my imaginary worlds. I love the creative challenge of making the everyday world extra-ordinary and my goal is to amuse and delight audiences with ideas that inspire and amaze.”

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