Cathrine Wessel

Born and raised in Norway, Director and Photographer Cathrine Wessel moved early on to New York, where she found inspiration, wisdom and the energy that signifies her work today.

She creates attention grabbing, unapologetic, stylish films. An observer of life, Cathrine started as a photographer in the music industry, then moved into fashion and sports. With her quest to tell a story in one fleeting moment, she naturally began to merge both film and stills, working with brands such as North Face, Reebok, Under Armour, Adidas, Esprit, Conde Nast, Elle, Uggs and Neutrogena.

Through a carefully considered lens depicting an artful yet honest vision, Cathrine looks to build the light that enhances the emotion she is trying to capture. Redefining stories in fashion, sports, beauty and travel she tells the tale beyond the film.

Cathrine is based between NY, London and Norway.