Cathrine Wessel

Photographer Cathrine Wessel, originally from Norway, lives and works in New York. 

Inspired by her many nights at legendary CBGB’s, Cathrine started photographing and documenting the music industry.  

From there, she moved on to shoot recording artists and music labels.  Her imagery is always seeking a true moment with emotional energy, she naturally moved into sports, travel and later fashion which, is where you find most of her work today.

“I believe in a caught moment.  There is truth in what you see, they are not doing it for me, they are doing it for themselves.  This is the journalism in me – always seeking that true moment.  I push towards real life, and real emotions – I love story telling, a captured moment – like a film still.  To see light, to build beautiful light is the most important thing.  I always seek to build light that enhances the emotion I am trying to capture.”

Working across film and stills Cathrine can be booked on 360 projects and also for stills via our stills collaboration with Ray Brown.