Chloe Mallett

Chloe Mallett | Fresh Film

Director/Photographer Chloe Mallet’s work brings a fresh look creating feminine, sexy, approachable films, putting empowered female experiences in the centre of the lens.

Since receiving a Hasselblad from her photographer father to play with as a child Chloe’s life was always destined to be with a lens.  At 11 she set up her own dark room and from there it was a short leap to studying photography and heading straight into an assisting job on graduation.

Working bi-weekly between the fashion worlds of USA and NY for an intensive number of years, Chloe’s now put down roots in the UK. Her editorial and commercial stills projects continue, but her next move is into film. Her passion for art direction and cinematography and ability to bring out the hidden essence of everyone under her gaze have already seen her film for Oasis, Red Magazine, and Avon.