Kanyessa McMahon

Kanyessa is a force of a nature. She creates gorgeous cinematic work with a docu-style approach, at the heart of which is the connection between people on screen and the universal feelings that transcend the screen. 

She is the best at making people on camera feel at ease, and the results are seen in the open, soulful, positive, diverse films she creates.

Her work centres around relationships: those on screen, behind the scenes and those that last long beyond the project.  For Kaynessa, integral to creating the best work is creating trust with everyone involved in the project: from cast to client to crew.  For her a beautiful film is as important as the positive experience in making the film and what everyone takes away from the experience.

Born and living in NY, by way of London and LA, Kanyessa shot her first TV show with MTV at 23 and set up her own company aged 25.  She went on to create over 450 films for Adidas and Nike working with top athletes and entertainers, filming and shaping the voice of leading brands. 

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