Lina Plioplyte

Lina Plioplyte {linna plyo-pleet-eh} is an Emmy, Clio and a Silver Lion winning director and cinematographer.

Her passion for moving images started while studying journalism in Lithuania and later at the University of Colorado Boulder.  After moving to New York in 2007, Lina began making videos for NYLON magazine where she incorporated her love for big personalities & bright colors, shooting such fashion icons as Karl Lagerfeld, rock star royalty Courtney Love and Hollywood darlings like Emma Stone.  

For the past 9 years, Lina has been working as a director & camera woman making numerous documentaries, advertising pieces, travel content, social awareness stories and short films that have been shown on MTV, PBS, VICELAND, Pitchfork, A&E and various film festivals, including Hot Docs, MIFF and IDFA. Lina’s feature-length directorial debut is ADVANCED STYLE, streaming on iTunes, Netflix and YouTube.  The documentary, which profiles the life and style of older women with extravagant fashion sense, played in film theaters and festivals around the world, and was reviewed by the Hollywood Reporter, the New York Times and the Guardian among others. 

Lina loves individuals who live un-apologetically and are making a dent into making the world a better place.  Her goal as a director is to provoke change by telling compelling stories with beauty, humor and raw honesty.