Maureen Li

Maureen Li was educated in both Taiwan and the USA, and brings her keen artistic eye and know-how to all projects she is involved with.

As a creative director for many years, she has garnered much positive attention and was awarded Gold & Silver Awards in 4A advertising. She has a wealth of experience in designing, supervising and producing projects from concept to completion.

Maureen majored in Film at the New York School of Visual Arts. She then went on to become adept at taking on projects that have very particular and unique visions. The films she directs always show her innate artistic sense and she has a way of seamlessly combining new and classic visual styles resulting in engaging productions which complement the core ideas of the projects.

Maureen has a list of copious awards that she has received so far over her career. She was also a finalist for an award in the Entertainment & Leisure category at the Cannes Lions Film Festival in 2005.

Some of Maureen’s clients are the following:

Sony, ACER, LOREAL PARIS, Johnson&Johnson, SK II, Neutrogena, AVON, Biore, Essential, ASIENCE, Motorola, Johnny Walker, Singleton, Hyundai Automotive, 7-11 City Cafe, Wrangler Jeans, NIKON, Lipton, Nescafe, Far East Telecom, China Telecom, Toyota, Wacoal, Keywear, KanS, Homtai Life Insurance, TransGlobe Life Insurance, Taishin International Bank , Wei Chuan, BO life, Uni-President , SGMW, Mode Manie, etc.

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