Max Lowe

Max Lowe | Fresh Film

Max Lowe is a renowned filmmaker, photographer and adventurer. Working across commercials, short and feature length documentaries, Max’s work is united by his unique ability for deep human connection with both the intimate and personal and the monumental and the global.

He captures compelling human stories in the most remote locations. Whilst his work is visually set in the external vast landscape, the heart of Max’s films is focused on the internal, and his ability to capture the essence of humanity and the stories within: Max doesn’t only exist behind the camera, he is there with his subjects living their stories.¬† Max has directed, shot, and produced short documentaries and branded films that explore a wide range of subjects, from polar bears in the Arctic to migratory raptors in the West. He has also delved into unique worlds such as US Army vets skiing in Iraq and the alternative sport of slacklining.

Max has collaborated with notable brands such as The North Face, Toyota, Calvin Klein, Eddie Bauer, and Red Bull. His photographic style, developed through years of experience with National Geographic and other esteemed media groups, showcases his talent for capturing the diverse beauty of the vast world we live in.

Currently, Max is in the final stages of completing a 38-minute documentary titled “Camp Courage.” This film follows the story of Olga, a Ukrainian woman in her sixties, who accompanies her granddaughter on a rock-climbing expedition. “Camp Courage” has been acquired by Netflix and is scheduled for release in 2024.