Food & Tabletop Director Tyllie Barbosa joins us!

We are really excited to announce the joining of food and drink specialist director Tyllie Barbosa to our family for global representation. She becomes the 20th woman on our global roster, adding to our diverse collective.

The Brazilian-born director brings her heritage to her films, with an excitement for cooking, entertaining, celebrating and life she blends this into every frame. Her captivating imagery is inspiring and comforting in equal measure; this key essence to her work transfers into both her approach to work and the collaborative nature of shoots in her studio in Chicago. 

Tyllie’s photographic training and skills of telling a story in one image, result in films that maximise the use of every frame; filling them with warm, evocative, sensory food and product shots that encapsulate a brand’s personality. core values have always been to be able to capture food at its freshest, most natural; with humans at their most creative, most joyful.  Tyllie’s personality and production style go hand in hand to promote a candid, & relaxed atmosphere where ALL participants can do their best creative work.

Tyllie began her career shooting chefs in their environment. After 6+ years of shooting monthly for Chicago Magazine, she built lasting friendships and respect in the food Industry. Working with notable chefs such as, Stephanie Izard, Bill Kim, Marimoto, Takashi, Paul Kahan, Yamandu Perez and many others helped her develop a sincere appreciation, and admiration for their process.  Hours and hours of conversations with them, fascinated by their choices, pushed her to capture the essence of any dish with a real depth of understanding on all that went into its creation.

Always innovating, her passion for experimenting and introducing new techniqueshave become part of her signature style and shows in her ever evolving skillful work. You can view more of her work here