Trevor Undi + Rob Meyer win a Webby

Fresh Films Trevor Undi and Rob Meyer have won a Webby for their disquisitive ‘Quest for Craft’ series. A collaboration between Balvenie Whiskey and DJ/creative polymath Questlove, the award winning digital series directed by Undi and co-written/EP by Meyer takes a deep dive into the obsessive never ending whatever it takes journey to make something extraordinary. explores what contemporary creativity means through the personal lens of iconic creators.

Filmed in the iconic Electric Lady Studios, Questlove engages with a different creative mind each episode, discussing their craft, creative processes, inspirations, aspirations and the obsessive, never-ending journey to create something extraordinary. 

Breaking the typical interview format, Questlove takes a deep dive with some of the greatest minds of our generation, from Patti Smith, Malcolm Gladwell, Mark Ronson, Misty Copeland to Fran Lebowtiz. Conversations around chaos are blended with films, animations and punctuated with expert lessons from astronauts to chaos theorists, all explored in search of answers to illuminate the journey of the never ending pursuit of ultimate craftsmanship. 

Ultimately the series uncovers new perspectives on who these icons are as creators, and gives the ultimate collection of learnings to apply to our own creative paths.

The success of the cult series is seen in the excess of 35million views on its You Tube channel. Click here to view the trailer and Season One