Fresh Studio X Dove & The Rainforest Alliance

Our content studio, Fresh Studio, were approached by Dove to create a film to promote their alliance with the Rimba Collective – Dove’s latest initiative to protect nature and tackle climate change.

The intimate film created by our creative team in Fresh Studio, and Directed by Stuart Parr and produced by Richard Carter-Hounslow and Simon Petter, travels the viewer on a macro story tale through the global and the personal landscape.  Using Stuart’s beautiful graphic eye it illustrates how united we are together, highlighting how beauty can make the world more beautiful. 

Fresh Studio and Stuart worked closely with the Dove team over a period of months to bring the project to life. Stuart said of the project,

‘What was really satisfying for me about this project, was not just how important and committed Dove were to communicating this message of their collaboration with Rimba, but how genuinely committed they were to the viability and sustainability of the project itself. It feels like it points the way forward for how the corporate and ecological worlds can collaborate in the years ahead.

Dove’s partnership with the Rimba Collective will help to restore and protect 123,000 acres of rainforest in Southeast Asia over 5 years. For perspective that is 8x the size of Manhatten or 4 x the size of Manchester.

In doing so, it aims to improve the livelihoods of 8,000 local people, through job creation and increased access to education, healthcare, clean water and sanitation. 

The project will also support livelihoods based on forest-friendly commodities by improving productivity, enhancing product quality and providing better market access for local communities. The Rimba Collective, are a coalition of consumer goods businesses and agricultural growers, processors and traders. Partnering with NGOs, governments and conservation experts, the Collective has committed to deliver a positive impact on natural ecosystems at scale over the next 30 years by directly embedding forest conservation finance into supply chains.