Princess Alice Hospice joined forces with us and Harry George Hall to transform a unique opportunity of a sky dive into an extraordinary documentary. The film marries Harry’s creative vision with the effervescence of skydiving drag queens and a random meteorological marvel known as a ‘fire rainbow,’ resulting in a film that authentically captures the journey of drag queens and the invaluable inclusive work providing end of life care by the Princess Alice Hospice.

In June 2023, seven drag artists volunteered to cover their outfits with flight suits, hide their lashes and garage doors under goggles and break the dawn,  jumping out of a plane at 10,000 ft while being filmed.  This unique and ambitious catwalk was to raise awareness for the lack of end of life care for the LGBTQ+ community and to raise essential funds to support the Princess Alice Hospice who are committed to inclusive end of life care for everyone.

Well known for his sensitive and photographic documentary commercials, Harry George Hall and our producer Simon Petter, jumped at the opportunity to capture this highly visual and emotional journey of seven drag queens as they launched onto the biggest catwalk of their lives.  Harry explores  the emotional stories behind the skydiving motivation of Scarlett Harlett, Crystal and Le Fil (all from RuPaul’s Drag Race) Rosie Zinfandel, Kiki Snatch, Honey Foxx and Rhys Pieces and reveals the difficulties and fears that can be faced by the LGBTQ+ community when accessing end of life care, as said in the film, ‘Gay people aren’t just for pride’.

Harry said of the project 

‘At first the parallels between drag artists jumping out of a plane and end of life care weren’t immediately obvious, but being exposed to such precious and intimate stories of inclusivity, fear and loss quickly intertwined these two powerful processes. One of the divers put it beautifully, linking falling through the sky strapped to someone to hospice care: the end might seem scary but being surrounded by others and guided makes it much more bearable…’

Each year it costs Princess Alice Hospice £10 million to provide its free, compassionate care services and it relies on a wide range of fundraising initiatives to continue its work.

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