A female led global production company + creative studio with a fresh approach.

Known for our ability to provide creative solutions for any and every form of production.

Fresh was founded in 2006 by our owner/MD Kim Griffin. Our full-service creative production studios in London + New York + Asia + Prague are made up of a global family of Directors, Photographers, Producers, Creatives, Writers and Problem Solvers.  Bringing together an immense talent pool from the fields of commercials, documentaries, brands and agencies experienced in working across projects of all scopes, sizes and platforms. From product demos to BAFTA winning short films.

Our Family

Our family encompasses Fresh Studio our creative content department, our sister Casting Agency Real People Casting and New York’s renowned Photography Agency Ray Brown Represents.  Allowing us to create fully efficient streamlined 360 productions that cover every filmmaking need.

How we work

Our mission is to make great work with great people, and what sets us apart is our commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, working together and collaborating in a respectful, open and honest manner. We curate a production team with a wealth of experience that seamlessly fits to your needs. 

Work with us 

We collaborate with all forms of clients, from agencies and brands to charities, from local start-ups to multinational corporations. From consumer facing to B2B. Our structure is created to offer a flexible curated service, that adapts to match the needs of your specific company and brief. We can start with an idea, some creative or any stage in the process. With our creative problem solving approach we continually adapt throughout the production process to enable us to make something remarkable together.

Our Beliefs

Fresh Film is more than a production company. We are a production family, with family values, committed to values beyond business. We are female owned and led, with a focus on equality in our offices, our roster and our crews. Creating an environment that embraces everyone regardless of race, gender, age, culture, neurodiversity and physical abilities.

We believe in an ethical, environmental and community approach to our work. From championing environmental practices throughout our productions to creating work for social causes. In all that we do we embrace working to change the landscape of production for the future. Learn more about our principles and beliefs.

We proudly support AdGreen because of their unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions and environmental stewardship. Their innovative approach eliminates negative environmental impacts of production.
We take immense pride in being members of the APA, as it enables us to connect with a vibrant community of industry professionals, fostering collaboration and exchange of best practices.
We are proud partners of the Just One Tree organization because they are dedicated to combating climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation efforts.
The Worldwide Women’s Association, dedicated to empowering professional women in various fields. The WWA offers a unique platform for networking, professional development, and mentorship, connecting and supporting women leaders.

Eco Business Practice Statement 

A passion for sustainability and the environment has always been at the heart of Fresh Film, in both our offices, our productions and our homes.  From sustainable website design, to how we produce our shoots to having our own electric cars,  the philosophy of caring for the environment runs through our company.  

We are invested in ensuring that all of our productions and practices come from an environmentally responsible and sustainable perspective. From how we can eliminate our environmental impact, to a black website that uses lower energy, to developing film content that supports a sustainable climate.

We recognise the urgent need to address environmental challenges and strive to minimise our environmental footprint, while creating exceptional films. 

We subscribe to and follow all the industry principles of the Adgreen and Albert training and we are members of Green the Bid.  We follow all of these industry protocols and implement the strategies from script to final delivery and encourage our clients, suppliers and other interested parties to do the same.  We are committed to continually reviewing our practices internally through our own initiatives and industry training. You can see the policies in the links above or ask any of our team for more details.

Diversity Statement

Fresh Film is a female owned and led independent production company, with a focus on equality both in our offices, our roster and our crews, equality and inclusivity are at the core of what we do. 

We want to be a source of positive change within our industry and the wider world and pride ourselves on fostering a vibrant and welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity.

Our commitment to embracing individuality and cultivating a culture of respect, openness, and collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We believe that diverse perspectives, backgrounds, physicalities and experiences enrich our creativity, and problem-solving capabilities, and ultimately contribute to what define as our overall success as a landscape changing production company.