Tyllie Barbosa

Tyllie Barbosa | Fresh Film

Brazilian-born, Chicago-based Tyllie Barbosa’s work explodes with her love for food, film and life. The tabletop director and stills photographer, uses her stills background to maximise the use of every frame – filling her films with the essence of real food; combined with intricately choreographed, highly visceral moments, and Tyllie’s innate understanding of how to encapsulate a brands personality in one image.

Always innovating, Tyllie’s passion for experimenting and introducing new techniques have become part of her signature style and shows in her work, continually testing new ideas in her studio and introducing unique tools. Tyllie has created evocative work for brands including Tropicana, Kellogg’s, Google, Quaker, Ulta Cosmetics, Hyatt Hotels and for McDonald’s including their iconic work for Times Square.